What does mechanic insurance cover?

Being a Mechanic and a Mobile Mechanic

Being a Mechanic is a constructive and often challenging occupation that requires confidence in dealing with other people’s property without a constant worry of what you’re liable for. Your occupation may sometimes become fairly dangerous due to the useof heavy machinery and equipment and it is essential that you’re covered by a suitable insurance policy.

What are the best types of insurance cover you can get?

Mechanics Insurance is a specialised type of Motor Trade insurance policy that covers all the essentials that a Mechanic needs. Most insurers also offer Mobile Mechanic Liability insurance and Part-Time Mechanic insurance policies too.

Most insurance requirements for Mechanics can be covered by a Motor Trade Combined policy that should include cover for a range of things, and can be personalised to cover everything you need. These policies can include some of the following:

Cover for Moving Client Cars – While you may not be driving the vehicle on the road, you are liable for the client vehicle should you cause any damage in transit. This policy provides insurance in the event that a vehicle is damaged while under your possession.

Building & Contents Cover – It is likely that as a mechanic you are situated on a forecourt or a garage. This specific policy offers protection to the building that your business resides in, and the contents within it.

Tools & Machinery Cover - Alongside Building cover, it is also likely that you have a variety of tools, machinery and equipment under your possession. This policy may provide cover for the equipment in your possession too.

As a mobile mechanic, the law states that you must have at least the basic level of Motor Trade insurance to protect third parties. Most insurance policies will potentially provide the same level of insurance such as protection for your tools and equipment, with the added stipulation that you may work outside of a building and possibly in a roadside environment.

What insurance cover do you definitely need as a mechanic?

A Motor Trade Road Risk policy is the basic variant of insurance that a Mechanic falls into, and this cover can be altered to include a variety of Liability covers to suit the needs of specific occupations.

As a Mechanic, it is very likely that you deal with the handling of other people’s vehicles. You’ll need cover that will protect you against several specific things that are related to the work you carry out. A policy will need to allow you to be insured for the testing and handling of other people’s vehicles, and you’ll likely need to drive said vehicles.

As a mechanic you’ll potential have heavy machinery, tools and equipment that are essential to your line of work. You’ll potentially need these covered under a policy and if you are selling and fitting parts then you’ll also likely require Sales & Service Liability. This is to cover you in the event that anything goes wrong with the work you’ve carried out or the parts that you have fitted.


As a Mechanic, there are a large range of things that you may require to be covered by insurance to protect the assets of your business. It’s important to get the correct amount of cover to prevent yourself from being at a loss in the event that anything should happen.

When looking into getting Mechanic insurance quotes you may want to evaluate your business practice and outline what needs to be covered, as this could save you time and hassle if you were to want certain things covered in your specialised policy.